Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Where Did My Baby Go?

My infant is gone. That little smooshed face, and chubby body that just laid in my lap or on a blanket all day. Suddenly I look at Corinne and there is this active little baby that can't sit still and loves the world around her. She's seven months old now and so much has changed. Before we get into that, enjoy some "Best Of" outtakes from the last couple months.

The last several weeks she has exploded in her growth and development! She rolls all over the place, has started scooting on her little bum, and has the cutest little bounce when she gets excited. The world has never been so exciting to me until I got to see all the things that catch her attention. Right now its textures and sounds. The dump truck driving past the window during breakfast, kids outside laughing. The feel of grass, or our textured duvet cover. But my very favorite is when Brett comes home from work. From the moment she hears the door and keys rattle, she perks her little head up and waits with such anticipation on her face. Then the instant Brett walks through the door she immediately starts bouncing and giggling. It kills me every time.

Corinne has the cutest little personality as well. She still is our easy little baby, not very high maintenance, but is getting silly! When there are other babies around she just wants to play with them. I think that is her main motivation to becoming mobile, she wants to keep up with the girls that are a year older than her. When she really gets silly and brave she will "climb" all over me, which mostly involves flopping around until she has covered every inch of me and the couch, while sticking her tongue out in every new position. And the dancing! She loves it when we turn on music and get to her level, usually on our bed, and help her do some pretty cheesy and awesome dance moves. Naturally, it ends in mountains of giggles from all involved.

Some things are the same. Her eyes are still blue and we still can't figure out what color her hair is. Brown? Auburn? Is it even going blonde? Who knows. And the chubbiness is still here. The cheeks that are so big that when she smiles her eyes almost disappear. And the thighs that are so chunky and lovable that she can't wear clothes with elastic at the leg holes. Haha!

It all comes down to how much joy I am getting from watching this little girl flourish and grow. Lately every day has been a new adventure and it makes it so much easier to look forward to tomorrow and work through the typical mundane motherhood tasks. This really is my favorite.

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