Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Amazing Grout Cleaner

I tend to be a little skeptical of these miracle cleaning solutions that I see online. Unless someone I know has tried it, then I try to stick with things I know. However, our new house has tile counter tops and floors in several places and the grout was giving me nightmares. So before I went out and spent money on a cleaner I figured I'd actually try one from materials I had on hand. And it worked!

My inspiration came from this blog post. I will say I didn't follow it exactly. Instead of measuring it out, I just added bleach to a bowl of baking soda until I had a consistancy that I liked, although it was really close to the same proportions of 1/4 bleach to 3/4 cup baking soda. I scrubbed each line with a toothbrush, then let it sit for 30-60 minutes (I went and did another chore). Then I wiped everything down with a wet rag that I was continuously rinsing out. Once I felt like I had all the mixture cleaned away, I went back over the counter with just a safe, all purpose cleaner just to make sure I had gotten the bleach off.

I like this mixture for two reasons. First, I feel like the graininess makes a big difference in actually scrubbing out the dirt and grime from the grout with the toothbrush. The cleaning mixture was definitiely coming out pretty gross. The second reason I like it is because the bleach works to remove the stains and get it back to the light color it is supposed to be. While I was working Brett kept asking "Are you sure that this is going to be worth it?" and I am happy to report that it worked so well that once it was all cleaned off and dried, we both decided it was totally worth it. Now the next step is to tackle the floors in the kitchen, entry, laundry, and bathroom. So lots of work to come!

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