Friday, September 23, 2016

5 Years: What We've Accomplished

Tomorrow is our five year anniversary and its crazy. The last five years has gone by so fast, and yet we have been through so much together that it feels like life has always been this way. Some people tell us we are crazy for having gotten married so young, but it has made such a influence on our relationship and given us the chance to grow and change together. Here are some highlights:

We started a family with one perfect little girl and a little boy soon to arrive.

We graduated from college. Me with a Bachelor's and him with a Bachelor's and Master's.

We moved to two different states in order to get the right internships and jobs to help Brett land a good career path now.

We lived down the street from family, a full road trip away, and everywhere in between.

We watched hundreds of movies, attended a few concerts, and had a few too many road trip sing-a-longs.

We cultivated new hobbies and loved them together.

We made countless friends.

We endured nights up with worry, tears, or baby cries.

We enjoyed quiet Sunday afternoons full of smiles, laughter, and dessert.

We celebrated our successes, our joys, and each other.

We become "we" more each day. Growing, learning, working, loving, planning, and dreaming together to create the life that we want. The life that we love.

The full and happy life I'm so grateful we get to live every day and for an eternity to come.

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  1. "We become "we" more each day." Perfect. I love this.


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