Thursday, June 16, 2016

Corinne at Four Months

Well Miss Corinne, you are one healthy little girl. At your appointment this week we found out that you are now off the charts with how big you are, a true giant Lee baby. Don't worry though, the doctor made sure to stress that even though you are a big baby, you are perfectly proportionate, even with those adorable chubby cheeks of yours.

Your happy personality keeps flourishing and you are such a playful girl. You love to laugh and play, your favorite game being when I scare you. Over and over I can look away from you then jump back to make your eye contact and you will laugh and laugh. Its my favorite!

Rolling over is still just out of your grasp, but you spend lots of time playing with your feet and roll from side to side. You desperately want to stand and sit on your own, but deal with the fact that I have to help you. You are getting stronger by the day and those little fingers of yours sure hurt when they pinch!

It never ceases to amaze me how every day with you is a new adventure. Each day you learn something new, you grow, you develop. Its such an exciting time, but it also makes me sad that I don't see my little newborn anymore. When you meet my eye and I can see the recognition my heart just melts. I love that I can start every one of my days with that recognition and your sweet smile. I love you baby girl!

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