Thursday, May 19, 2016

Explore California: San Clemente with Shopping

 Since Corinne was born we have been trying to get her comfortable in either a baby wearing wrap or in the Baby Bjorn, and it wasn't working. She was able to last to the time it took to get to the mailbox and back but never longer. Then suddenly she was big enough to face frontwards and now she loves it. She will hang out here smiling at everyone and just soaking up the world and it makes me so happy. I love watching her personality growing and seeing her learning and changing, but its also great to be able to do things without the stroller. Plus, how cute is Brett walking around the downtown San Clemente shops and outlet mall?

Spending time in San Clemente is always one of our favorite things to do, but it is always more enjoyable when family and friends are with us. This was the final day before Matt and Hannah took off for the East Coast and walking around looking at shops, eating at The Bagel Shack, and spending time walking on the pier and beach was perfectly low key. Of course after we got back to the apartment we spent the next several hours talking on the couch and eating junk food as well. We sure are going to miss those guys and can't wait for the family reunion to see them again. 

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