Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Corinne's Blessing Day

We were so lucky to have my parents, grandmother, and two of my siblings along with Brett's parents make the trip to California to celebrate Corinne's blessing day. Having family here to celebrate with us helped make it even more special and it was fun to see four generations of women on my side all together.

Also making the day special was that it was Easter Sunday. There is something about The Atonement and the chance that we all have to live up to our potential and become the best versions of ourselves that really hits home with the birth of Corinne. I have always really appreciated Easter Sunday and all it celebrates, and now I have respect for that day on two levels.

On a funny note, we didn't do newborn photos with Corinne and instead arranged to have a friend take some pictures of Corinne alone and some group shots after her blessing. So of course, she cried most of the time! Luckily we were able to at least get a picture of our little family of three, but all the group shots turned out a little ridiculous. Way to go, Corinne!

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