Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Corinne at Two Months

Corinne Eve,

You are our fun, smiley, happy baby girl. You love it when its time to wake up in the morning and get so excited to play. Slowly but surely you are gaining confidence that the wrap and carrier are sturdy and fun for walking around. Most of the time your favorite place to play is on the floor, and you aren't ready to play with toys yet, but you love it when I shake a rattle for you. Your hair is still totally out of control, it stands up too straight to do anything with, but its almost long enough to put in some piggies. Sleeping seems to be coming easy to you, and after the excitement of a week of visitors, you started sleeping for 6-8 hours a night! Every time we go on a walk you fall a sleep or smile the whole time so we go on as many as we can, and you've even gone on a few jogs with Dad. Speaking of Dad, he is your number one fan and always reaches for you as soon as he comes home from work. You love meeting new people and don't cry often, but almost always have a skeptical look on your face while you try to figure out the world.

Your happy smiles light up the room and we melt when you lock onto our eyes and we can see recognition staring back at us. Every day is a new adventure and it makes us supremely happy to be your parents.

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