Friday, March 4, 2016

Explore California: Downtown San Francisco

The first half of our quick weekend trip to San Francisco was spent doing the same thing all other first time visitors to the city do, walking around the piers and downtown. We did a lot of walking in some surprising heat so it definitely wore me out being 24 weeks pregnant, but it was still possible. We started out at the Ferry Building on the east side of town and walked all the way along the water until Ghirardelli Square and then up to Lombard Street. We took our own sweet time, taking in all the buildings, piers, and people in town for Fleet Week. Once we finished our walking for the day we decided to take an Uber back to the hotel and that made it possible for me to walk as much as we did.

The worst thing about all of this, is that most of the pictures are missing! I took pictures all day long and then at the end of the day when my phone died, we switched to Brett's phone. Well the next day while taking the train to the airport my phone was lost/stolen! I honestly think it was just left somewhere by me, but I can't remember where, or I didn't notice it fall out of the pouch on my purse, but that pocket was open. Oh well, it happens. Unfortunately, since we were still mid trip I hadn't taken the time to back up the photos, so they are all gone. I can promise we will go back again someday and it will be fun to get the pictures of our adventures, but for now it is fun to have the memories of the views, the conversations, and the food!

Luckily we at least got a picture of the two of us for the day standing at the bottom of Lombard Street. If we were only left with one picture, I'm glad it was that one since it has a pretty background with the blooming flowers and you can see my growing baby bump! Although this was our last stop so you can also tell that I'm a little tired!

Next time we make it to San Francisco we plan to go eat at the piers again and see those sights, but head over to the west side of the penninsula to bike or walk on the Golden Gate Bridge and to explore Golden Gate Park. Until then, I can't wait to keep exploring these other places closer to home in Southern California. If anyone has any suggestions for good things in the Orange County area to do with a baby, let me know!

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