Tuesday, March 29, 2016

101 in 1001 Update

To be totally honest, it had been a little while since I had looked at these goals I set a couple years ago. Its funny how you can be so into an idea and then life gets in the way and before you know it you have missed some great opportunities. Luckily, I still have time to get most of these done by my end date, so this was a great reminder for me of what I wanted to get done.

Looking through these was also a positive experience. It was a helpful reminder of what I have managed to finish, and the good times I have had over the last year. Life might not have gone exactly as we expected it would, but this just showed me that you can made a positive experience out of whatever you are given. Some of these experiences could also make some great blog posts to talk about how I accomplished them or even how fun they were. I plan on sprinkling in some smaller updates now and then, rather than just the list.

As far as the list is concerned, the bolded items are ones that I have completed in the last year! Still so far to go before the end of January 2017!

start: April 23, 2014
end: January 18, 2017
completed: 48%


1. Decide 101 things (April 28, 2014)
2. Finish and upload my blog remodel (April 28, 2014)
3. Send 30 handwritten notes/letters
4. Organize my music
5. Get a passport
6. Write in my journal twice a month for a year
7. Put $10 in savings for each completed thing
8. Reach 100 blog followers
9. Read The Book of Mormon
10. Read the Doctrine and Covenants
11. Read the Pearl of Great Price
12. Read the Old Testament
13. Read the New Testament
14. Keep a gratitude journal
15. Blog every day for a month
16. Attend the temple once a month for a year (1/12)
17. Be featured on another blog
18. Make a blog calendar (done March 1, 2014)
19. Get a job for our Seattle summer move
20. Meet up with an old friend
21. Make a new friend


22. 2014 Lee Family Reunion (April 2014)
23. Take family pictures in Seattle
24. Have Family Home Evening every week for 6 months
25. Go on a date twice a month for six months
26. Celebrate 3 years of marriage
27. Celebrate 4 years of marriage
28. Celebrate 5 years of marriage
29. Create a working list of names, addresses, and birthdays
30. Start a new tradition
31. Take an updated Tingey family picture
32. Spend time with every sister and sister-in-law individually
33. Organize something nice for my parents
34. Organize something nice for my in-laws


35. Move to Seattle for summer internship (May 2014)
36. Move to our first semi-permanent place
37. Make a picture gallery wall
38. Plan and host a dinner party
39. Pick a wedding picture to enlarge
40. Have houseplants
41. Create a home library/office
42. Stick to a weekly cleaning schedule for 3 months
43. Display some of Sierra's pictures


44. Visit Camas
45. Visit Rathdrum
46. Go on a beach vacation with Brett
47. Hike Mt. Timpanogos
48. Visit the Ape Caves at Mt. St. Helens
49. Visit Glacier National Park
50. Go to a Mariners Game
51. Visit Arizona
52. Visit a Museum
53. Go 3 camping trips
54. Go on 10 hikes
55. Fly on an airplane again
56. Go to a farmer's market
57. Hike the "Y" with Brett
58. Go to a rodeo
59. Go into Canada
60. Swim in the ocean
61. Ride a Ferry
62. Watch a meteor shower


63. Make an indoor herb garden
64. Sew a bedspread
65. Crochet a blanket
66. Print photo books up to present
67. Make a Lee Family sign
68. DIY 3 other projects
69. Buy a nice camera
70. Learn how to edit pictures


71. Get cholesterol down to health levels
72. Run a 5k
73. Run a 10k
74. Run a half marathon
75. Try a regular yoga schedule for 3 months
76. Follow low cholesterol diet until Anniversary
77. Re-evaluate cholesterol diet after doctor appointment
78. Finish #1800 minute challenge
79. Wake at 6 every day for two weeks
80. Not drink soda for 6 months
81. Whiten my teeth


82. Buy at least one book from Powell's Books
83. Start Student Teaching
84. Finish Student Teaching
85. Graduate from BYU
86. Start drawing again
87. Read 50 new books
88. Reread 5 favorite books
89. Start a book club
90. Memorize a poem
91. Read the Lord of the Rings
92. Learn a new skill


93. Make a meal from Pike's Market (Or other farmer's market)
94. Go to 5 Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives restaurants
95. Consolidate and organize recipes
96. Try 20 new recipes
97. Create my own recipe
98. Decorate a cake for someone
99. Cook my way through a book/blog
100. Create a good menu planning system
101. Plan a month's menu and stick to it

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Crocheted Blanket Tradition

I spoke once before on the blog about how my great grandmother taught me to crochet and that I love keeping up the tradition now that I am grown up and she passed away several years ago. I have made several blankets for close friends and sisters who have had babies in the last year and the hardest part was picking a pattern that I liked but that wouldn't take my whole life to finish. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew immediately what pattern I wanted to do.

I spent some time with a sketch pad, some scrap yarn, and the blanket my mom was given by my great grandmother. I was able to look at the blanket, sketch it out and eventually come out with the pattern to recreate the same one. The entire time that I was working on this blanket my excitement kept building for Corinne to join our family and I felt so close to my grandmother. I can't wait to lay our sweet baby out on this blanket and see her use it for the rest of her life just like I do with mine.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Corinne's Birth Story

Birth stories are a funny thing. They are something that everyone wants to know, I love talking about, and yet can get pretty personal. After spending almost seven weeks with Little Miss and talking about her so much, I have gotten pretty good at telling the story without so many of the details that are too gory or personal. So here it is, the story of the day we became a family of three....

First thing you need to know is that through my entire pregnancy Corinne was measuring to be a big girl. Every ultrasound I had showed her to be consistently measuring about three weeks bigger than her age. Combine that with the fact that both Brett and I were born a couple weeks early, we were maybe thinking that this baby would come early too. But hey, we also assumed she would have red hair, and that didn't happen either. So when that didn't happen, it was the longest couple weeks of my life! Looking back now I realize that those two weeks were actually pretty great. Both Corinne and I were healthy, to the point where my doctor told me to keep walking every day, and that every day I wasn't in labor I should try walking a little farther. The day before we checked into the hospital I was still feeling so far away from labor that we went on a five mile walk through the park.

The only slightly gross detail that I will share, is that five mile walk actually did result in my water breaking, but apparently you water doesn't always break all at once, but sometimes trickles. And since pregnant women pee their pants all the time, I thought that was what happened. Maybe TMI, but oh well. When I woke up the next morning and had the same problem again, I realized that it might be a good idea to go to the hospital. So we packed up our bags and the morning of my due date took that anxious drive, arriving at about 11:00 am Sunday morning.

After arriving at the hospital we found out that my water had in fact broken and I was in the beginning stages of labor, but wasn't feeling any contractions. When I was hooked up to the equipment the nurses were able to see that I was having regular contractions, but they were so faint that I wasn't feeling 90% of them. Since my water had been broken for so long, there was a higher risk of infection so I was put on a round of antibiotics and they started me on pitocin to help induce the contractions.

At this point I thought it would just be a few hours until my contractions were intense enough to at least be progressing and get an epidural, but it took forever. There were hours of sitting on a birthing ball, watching a small television, reading a book, and trying to talk enough to distract myself from how long it was taking to see any results. Finally at the 7:00 pm shift change when I still hadn't progressed AT ALL, my mom actually went back to our apartment to eat and get some sleep. At about 11:00 pm I was finally beginning to progress and was to the earliest point where they would allow me to get an epidural. The nurse told me that getting the epidural would help me relax enough that I should start to progress at a faster rate, so we were hoping for that. Plus, the few hours of sleep that I got after that was the best sleep I had gotten in months!

By 4:00 am I had progressed enough to call my mom and the doctor and let them know we would start to push at about 5:00 am. That hour went surprisingly fast and before I knew it, it was go time! Delivery went well with no complications beyond the usual expectations, and at 6:20 am Corinne was born into this beautiful world in all her glory.

As soon as she was born and the nurses made sure she was healthy, Brett reached into his pocket to hand my mom is phone to snap those first immediate pictures. In the process he noticed that the sun had just risen over the bay and ocean we had a view of from my room. (an entire wall was just windows looking out to the Pacific Ocean!). He whirled around and snapped a picture of that sunrise and the moment that the two of us became the three of us. Its now hanging on our living room wall next to the group picture we took in the room and is a great reminder of one of the best moments of my life.

And now, pictures....

So there it is, the story of the two days (almost three) that it took for our beautiful little girl to join our family. We are so glad that she did, and these last weeks with her have been life changing. Every day keeps getting better and easier as we move forward and I love it!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Meet My Baby Girl

Corinne Eve Lee

born February 1st

We are so in love with her, and getting more obsessed by the day.  We have enjoyed all these new experiences we are having, and watching Corinne experience the world for the first time. Its been a month now with this beautiful baby girl and our lives will never be the same again.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Explore California: Downtown San Francisco

The first half of our quick weekend trip to San Francisco was spent doing the same thing all other first time visitors to the city do, walking around the piers and downtown. We did a lot of walking in some surprising heat so it definitely wore me out being 24 weeks pregnant, but it was still possible. We started out at the Ferry Building on the east side of town and walked all the way along the water until Ghirardelli Square and then up to Lombard Street. We took our own sweet time, taking in all the buildings, piers, and people in town for Fleet Week. Once we finished our walking for the day we decided to take an Uber back to the hotel and that made it possible for me to walk as much as we did.

The worst thing about all of this, is that most of the pictures are missing! I took pictures all day long and then at the end of the day when my phone died, we switched to Brett's phone. Well the next day while taking the train to the airport my phone was lost/stolen! I honestly think it was just left somewhere by me, but I can't remember where, or I didn't notice it fall out of the pouch on my purse, but that pocket was open. Oh well, it happens. Unfortunately, since we were still mid trip I hadn't taken the time to back up the photos, so they are all gone. I can promise we will go back again someday and it will be fun to get the pictures of our adventures, but for now it is fun to have the memories of the views, the conversations, and the food!

Luckily we at least got a picture of the two of us for the day standing at the bottom of Lombard Street. If we were only left with one picture, I'm glad it was that one since it has a pretty background with the blooming flowers and you can see my growing baby bump! Although this was our last stop so you can also tell that I'm a little tired!

Next time we make it to San Francisco we plan to go eat at the piers again and see those sights, but head over to the west side of the penninsula to bike or walk on the Golden Gate Bridge and to explore Golden Gate Park. Until then, I can't wait to keep exploring these other places closer to home in Southern California. If anyone has any suggestions for good things in the Orange County area to do with a baby, let me know!