Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer 2015 Book List

As summer begins each year I start making regular trips to local libraries and bookstores. This summer I decided to pick six books I was going to specifically try to read, putting that at two per month. Usually during the summer I average much more than that, so I will still have plenty of time for all the rest that draw my eye. Speaking of which, I’m seriously considering rereading all of Harry Potter this summer, I reread the last two a couple Christmases ago, but I think its time for the the whole story.

Trying to settle down on the six books I wanted to read most was a little difficult because I have so many different interests! Instead of running the risk of having a list that ended up being too similar, I decided to shoot for one from each of six categories, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Nonfiction, Classic, and Popular. With those parameters set I came up with the list in no time. So without further ado, here are the six books I plan on reading this summer.
Summer 2015 Book List

Historical Fiction: All the Light We Cannot See-Anthony Doerr
This book has been all the rage lately in the Historical Fiction category. I have always loved WWII era history, and got excited when this book was already scheduled in by a book club I just joined. I have a feeling this will have to be a purchase, not a rental.

Fantasy: Ice-Sarah Beth Durst
This is another telling of a common myth I have seen many times. As a kid I read a version called East (I read it a couple times actually) and loved it. I am excited to read this version with the different family dynamic and current century placement.  

Sci-Fi: Dune-Frank Herbert
This will actually be a reread for me. I read this book in high school and remember that I liked it, and like the ending, but I don’t remember the specifics. I have always wanted to go back and read it as an adult.

Nonfiction: 1776-David McCullough
This has been on my list, and on my end table shelf for a while. I just need to actually read it! I like all things history, and having read lots of nonfiction for university classes, I know that once I get a few chapters in I won’t be able to put it down until I have learned all I can.

Classic: All Quiet on the Western Front-Erich Maria Remarque
Like most people who read regularly, I have heard that this is supposed to be one of the greatest war novels, I just have never gotten around to it through the rest of the books on my list. So now I am consciously making space to read it!

Popular: Divergent-Veronica Roth
I still haven’t read these books because by the time they were popular I couldn’t handle it. I felt like all the books were of post-apocalyptic war societies where the teenager stumbles upon a plot to save the day! I think I stepped away long enough now and can come back to get this series, and I look forward to the easy trilogy.

So there it is, the list of the six books I want to make sure to read this summer. What else would you add to this list?

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