Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Location, New Adventures!

Something crazy has happened. In all the years of my life I never thought I would work my way from a small town in Idaho to the suburbs in Orange County, California. And yet, that is exactly what has happened.

In December Brett got a job offer for a Public Finance Investment Bank in Orange County. All the pieces from this offer started to fall into place and we decided to go for it. They were willing to let him start in their Salt Lake office in January while I tried to finish my student teaching before he moved here to get started. I finished my student teaching a few weeks later and am now here with him in our new home. 

We are so excited to be here in this part of the country and to grow with all the possibilities that we have here. I'm looking for teaching jobs that start in the fall and we are anxious to see what we can do here in the next few years. We just know that we were led her, and have loved these last couple weeks getting adjusted and starting to flourish in this new post-college phase of our lives!

Did you end up in a part of the country you thought, or was it a new adventure?
Any suggestions of things we have to do as new Orange County residents?

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