Thursday, April 30, 2015

Newport Beach Temple


Part of our first explorations of this new area had to include going to our closest temple on a date night. The Newport Beach temple here is so beautiful and perfect, reminding me of my small hometown temple and also being unique and new, foreshadowing our life moving forward.

As I sat there pondering our life, why we are here in California, how we got here, and everything else that can run through a woman's mind in a moment I realized that this is now "our temple." Our place that we will go to in love, faith, and worship as a couple, as a family, as individuals, as a ward congregation, as any other way a person can come. This is our place. This is where we are supposed to be. This is not a temporary move. We are now in a place that we will build a home in. We will be living here, and going to this temple for years to come. This is home now.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tingey #2 Ties the Knot

Today is a happy day in my family. My little sister Brook is marrying her fiancee Stephen in Spokane, Washington, where Brett and I were married three and half years ago. Its such an amazing thing to be here again for another wedding. There are so many emotions going through my mind over these last couple weeks and I could not be more happy and proud of my sister. Brook and Stephen have fun adventures ahead of them in this new life they are starting together.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Balboa Island Treats

When we first moved her to California we new we had to go to Balboa Island and get a treat. Brett desperately wanted to get a frozen banana in celebration of one of his favorite shows, Arrested Development. He watched this as a teenager when it was first out, and continues to watch it, meaning now I watch it too. This is always our Christmas Break show and with only three seasons of episodes only 20 minutes long we don't come out the other side of a Netflix binge hating how much time we wasted.

I let Brett down a little when I decided not to get a banana, but I can never turn down a caramel apple. Never. And the ones from Too Sweet on Balboa Island are heavenly. We have been there twice now, and the toffee covered on is so amazing. Going to Balboa Island for a treat is something that will definitely be happening more often in the future. And if you come visit us you better believe we are taking you there.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Location, New Adventures!

Something crazy has happened. In all the years of my life I never thought I would work my way from a small town in Idaho to the suburbs in Orange County, California. And yet, that is exactly what has happened.

In December Brett got a job offer for a Public Finance Investment Bank in Orange County. All the pieces from this offer started to fall into place and we decided to go for it. They were willing to let him start in their Salt Lake office in January while I tried to finish my student teaching before he moved here to get started. I finished my student teaching a few weeks later and am now here with him in our new home. 

We are so excited to be here in this part of the country and to grow with all the possibilities that we have here. I'm looking for teaching jobs that start in the fall and we are anxious to see what we can do here in the next few years. We just know that we were led her, and have loved these last couple weeks getting adjusted and starting to flourish in this new post-college phase of our lives!

Did you end up in a part of the country you thought, or was it a new adventure?
Any suggestions of things we have to do as new Orange County residents?

Monday, April 20, 2015

Long Term Radio Silence

Well, I know I dropped off the face of the earth with absolutely no warning. Sorry about that. I just hit this moment when there was a lot going on and this had to go on the back burner for a while. The last six months have been filled with a lot and when I looked at all the things on my plate, I realized that this was something I had control over and could remove. So I did. And now here I am out the other side and ready to jump back in.

Since there have been so many changes since I last made contact here, I'm not going to do a long list of everything here in one post, but rather will just fill in some of the blanks while I keep up with the current happenings.

To tide you over, here is a little hint about some of the exciting news on its way....