Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Favorite Fall Recipe

I have to admit, it was hard for me to come up with a favorite fall recipe for today's November Blogathon post. I thought about going with something warm and hearty, like soup or a roast, but instead decided to go for a more transitional season dish.

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Zucchini, Black Bean, Rice Bake

I love this dish because I can still use some of the summer produce left over and that I don't want to let go of, but mixing it with the rice and black beans makes it warm and filling. I do make two changes away from this original recipe. First, I really like using fresh tomatoes. I think the tomatoes taste better, and they also don't take over the taste of the other ingredients. Since I don't use the juice from the can I usually have to throw in 1/3 to 1/2 cup extra water as well as put in some Italian seasoning (and whatever other spices I feel like that day).  The second change I make is adding chicken to make it a main dish. I still use the same large pan, but before putting in the zucchini and bell pepper I cook up some chicken pieces with some simple lemon pepper. Then just add everything in like the instructions say.

Check out the recipe here!

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