Monday, October 27, 2014

Cute Group Craft

With the exception of a random crochet project, like this one here and a plethora of scarves and ear warmers, I typically don't do a lot of other crafty things. There are a couple reasons for this. First, I tend to be a little bit of a perfectionist so when something doesn't turn out how I picture it in my head I never display it. The second is that I don't have a large reserve of craft supplies, so each project I want to do requires me to go purchase everything. That can get a little spendy, so I usually work with the cheaper medium of yarn.
Its hard to see here, but the bottom row of this shelf makes me extremely happy. All the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Chronicles of Narnia Books in one place. Too bad it was too heavy for the top shelf!
Every once in a while I get to do something crafty when the monthly Relief Society activity organizes it for me. Last week was the perfect simple activity. I loved sitting around a table with amazing women and great conversation as we painted these little blocks. It was fun to see the different patterns that people choose, ranging from all the monsters like my blocks, to all different pumpkins, and Halloween or fall inspired words.

I saved some of the extra blocks to use at a future date, so if you have any ideas about what I can do with them, I would love to hear them. Right now I am leaning towards something winter-y, but not necessarily Christmas-y, that way it can be displayed longer. Maybe snowflakes? Let me know what you think!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting My Craft on for a Cute Niece

First of all, how cute is my niece? She just had her fourth birthday, and seeing as she, and her sister, are still in love with Frozen, as are all the little girls in America, I figured I would make her this cute little hat. Just because I get nervous about making up patterns for things, I found an nice and simple tutorial here. Since it mostly uses double crochet stitches it was an easy evening project. However, as excited as she was to open her present, I am pretty sure that all the moms in the room were even more excited. The picture below comes with the directions and can be found here. She also includes similar directions for the Elsa version.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Autumn Sunday Drive

Sundays are the best! I love getting the chance to enjoy a day when I actually get to relax and rejuvenate myself for the next week. We really believe in Sabbath Day Observance, and other than attending church, we spend the time together or with family. This means that most Sunday's we come home around noon and then don't really leave the house again. Most of the time we will read a book, play a game, take a nap, and eat food. Sunday dinner is great, both to eat, and to have fun making. But there are other times when late Sunday afternoon rolls around and we are a little stir crazy. For a few days I had been looking up at the beautiful Wasatch Range and admiring the autumn beauty they offer. I have always enjoyed living near mountains and taking advantage of all that offers, so I wanted to go see the leaves. Driving up Provo Canyon and then up to the top of Squaw Peak was the perfect little Sunday drive to get us out of the house. Once we got up to the top and jumped out to take a few pictures, we realized how cold it actually was and how inadequately dressed we were and quickly drove back to the warmth of home. 

^I love Mt. Nebo down on the south end of the valley. They canyons coming off Nebo are some more of my favorites. 

I sure love this guy. Sometimes it is hard to believe how far we have come since July 2011 when we got engaged on this same ridge. This view and all the things that have happened in the valley below will forever be in our memories. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Warm Weekends are Numbered

I love the seasons. All of them. I love that, for the most part, I have lived in places where I got to experience all four seasons each year. My favorites are probably fall and spring when there is no extreme hot or cold, but I even love those times too.

Saturday we tried to take advantage of the warm weather that is really starting to leave us quickly. I love waking up with the brisk air, but pretty soon it will be too cold to enjoy any prolonged time outside. We called my sister and took off to a canyon south of Provo to get in some shooting. I love going with these two people, even though I am pretty sure my sister is better than me. In fact, I can promise you that with a shotgun she is better. I got really out of practice when I moved to Utah.
^I love that these two get along so well. It makes it easy to do spur-of-the-moment things like this.
However, Brett is definitely the best with the handguns. Personally, they aren't my favorite. I grew up hunting and using shotguns and rifles, so handguns are still new to me.  I am improving though, which is good.
Hopefully we can get out for another week or two and enjoy a bit more outdoor fun before the snow starts coming down. There has already been snow on the top of the Wasatch Range a few times, so soon it will be here for good.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Full of Inspiration

Hopefully the announcement in that picture did not come as a shock to anyone. I have talked about my belief and religion several times, and this time of the year makes it so much easier to talk about with the events of the last week. Last weekend I was able to view General Conference, and this weekend the movie Meet the Mormons is being released in theaters nationwide. I just have a few things to say about these things.

First, General Conference is a wonderful opportunity that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have to listen to instruction from leaders of the church. The best part is that all the sessions and talks are completely available to anyone, members and not, who want to feel inspired or learn what we believe. After this weekend I am fully rejuvenated with feelings of peace, happiness, love, dedication, and faith. Everything from the two days of spiritually uplifting messages can be found again, to watch, listen to, or read, at, the official website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All the images are also taken from the site.

Second, the Meet the Mormons movie is an actual movie, in actual theaters. The movie documents the lives of 6 devout members of the church, seeing how their faith and religion impacts their actions and how they view the world. Brett and I plan on seeing it sometime this weekend, and I am pretty excited. So I invite anyone and everyone to go watch it as well and see that us Mormons are just normal people, with differing circumstances but united with our faith and devotion to become the best we can with the love and help of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

To find a theater near you, or to request it in your area if it isn't there yet, go to this site and check it out.

Friday, October 3, 2014

General Conference Invitation

I talked about this a little at the beginning of the week and I wanted to make sure to address it again. I look forward to the first weekend of October (and April) each time they come and I love the opportunity that I have to relax with family and friends, and listen to the words of the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The weekend becomes such a spiritually uplifting experience when you know that every couple hours for two days in a row you are going to hear the teachings and gospel of God and Jesus Christ.

If you want to know about The Mormons, what we believe, proof that we are Christian, feel inspired, or anything else, just watch this and see how many questions you can get answered in your life.