Monday, September 15, 2014

Where in the World is the Lee Family?

Please tell me I am not the only one who remembers this game? Does it still exist somewhere? (image via)

Well odds are that it was one of five places.

  1. Somewhere in the great state of Washington: the weekend we moved we trove the road between Seattle and Portland 4 times. In 36 hours. Yep. We had to be in Portland for a meeting on Friday, but couldn't use my in-laws trailer until Saturday. So we drove down a day early to drive back the next day.
  2. Lost somewhere across Idaho: when the time finally came for the 12 hour drive back to Utah, we took a wrong turn on a road we have driven many times. Maybe we shouldn't have been to involved in our prank call to a sister-in-law as she answered after hours calls at a mortuary. Then we probably would have made the cutoff and not realized to late that we were taking a two hour detour through Pocatello. 
  3. Somewhere in Utah Valley: our first week back we were homeless. Our move in date wasn't until the first day of school, but our jobs and ride south were a week earlier. So because of that we bounced around, spending nights at different families' houses, catching up with everyone, and driving into Provo for work each day. Our new car sure got familiar with Utah quickly. 
  4. On BYU campus: this is now the third week of school. And this is our last fall semester (probably)! That means we are doing a ton of schoolwork right now, as well as our two campus jobs. This is my last semester of classes before I start student teaching in January, so I am making sure I hit all my requirements and even had to go back to a freshman class I somehow missed. Brett is front loading his semester so he has more time to work next semester to make up for the fact that I will be student teaching and not earning any money for 4 months. Lets hope that works. 
  5. Trying to situate our belongings in our new hobbit-hole: at least that is what I have been calling our new little apartment. I feel like that is an appropriate name considering that when my sister stopped by the other day she started laughing and saying "It's so cute! It looks like they just took everything in an apartment and made the mini version of it! Look how little your oven is!" 
So there you have it. This is what my last month has looked like. Its no wonder I didn't post anything, I barely even know where all our stuff is! I just keep telling myself that once we finally finish getting into a groove of the semester, we will fall into our routine and life won't seem so hectic. 

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