Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5K Recap

I know that the picture quality is terrible, but this is the only picture we were able to get of our 5K last weekend before my phone did this weird reset thing that it does. Oh well, at least it is one right?

We ran a 5K organized by the Orem Public Library, and if there is anything I belief in giving money to, its libraries. I was also happy that this race was pretty affordable. After doing a free race a few weeks ago, but not actually running it I wanted to do another one quickly where I actually got to test what I was capable of at this point. And I am proud of what I am now capable of. My goal was honestly just to run 3.1 miles 30 minuets or less. Well I think you could say that 26 minutes is less than 30! It averages out to just under 8.5 minutes/mile. It was so good to feel the satisfaction that comes from not only meeting your goal, but exceeding it as well.

About two years ago Brett convinced me to run with him for about a month. During that month we ran a 5K with some friends because if I had an attainable goal I would be more motivated. Well we ran it, not very fast, and right before it started to snow, so running dropped from my priority list almost immediately. Honestly it didn't become a priority again until my doctor told me that I had to, and then I stuck with it long enough to see progress. This time, running the race and getting a relatively good time is a motivation for me to keep going again, not an excuse to quit like it was two years ago.

Now its just time to decide what the next goal is. Do I try to improve my time or distance?

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