Monday, August 4, 2014

Goal Recap: July

I can't believe we are already a few days into August. This year seems to just be flying by for me! So much keeps happening and getting accomplished that I'm trying to beat the year, not wait around for it. This next month is going to be so full of, well everything, that it is nice to take a moment to look at what I have done in the last month as some motivation.

  • Physical:
    • I actually have some bad news on this one. First of all, we are no longer running our half-marathon. We had been keeping an eye on the registration website and waiting to pay the fees until our finances balanced out from our move at the beginning of the summer, we knew what day we needed to register for before the price went up, and a few days before that we opened up the site. To our dismay they had updated the site with higher prices and different registration deadlines! The price almost doubled because they went up and we were now in the late registration bracket. So we decided that we will have to wait. As of right now we are signed up for a 10k back in Utah, and will keep our eyes out for a half marathon in Utah as well.
    • Regular exercise this month was also a little lacking. With spending so much time traveling and then loosing the motivation of the half marathon, I was not as strict as I should have been. But that is what a new month is for, to do better.
  • Spiritual:
    • Lately my work has had a lot of additional projects that don't have customer interaction and I have been able to listen to headphones. At first I was listening to a really good podcast about WWII history but switched over to listening to the most recent General Conference addresses. Over two weeks I listened to all 12 hours worth 3 times. Listening to them in such a repetition helped me to glean information and inspiration on different levels. It also helped stimulate some great conversations between me and Brett. It has been a good few weeks.
  • Social:
    • Well this is about the same as last month. Not much going on hear, but we went to the Camas, WA/Portland, OR, area twice in July as well as had family visit us here. All instances where fun and we always have a blast scoping out new places in these two cities we love. 
  • Financial:
    • Other than needing to purchase a new car and all those other unexpected associated costs, we have continued to do a pretty good job of sticking to our budget. Its nice to see how traceable and achievable our progress has been. Now just to gear up for one more year of tuition. 
  • Intellectual:
    • Well, I did the math and on average each work day I spend at least 3 hours on a bus or on mandatory breaks, so ya, I am reading a lot of books. That is 15 hours a week of just reading. As of now it is working out to about 2 books a week. I am checking out whole stacks from the library at a time.
    • I'm also getting really excited to finish my last year of school. One more semester of classes and another of student teaching and I will be done! Looking forward to student teaching is a little stressful, but i know that my organization and having confidence will be key. 
So that's it. I can't wait to see where August takes us and where we stand at the start of a new school year!

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