Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Seattle Adventures: Mariners Baseball

After we spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday of the Fourth of July weekend in Brett's hometown with his parents and brother, Scott and his wife, Megan, they all came up to Seattle for a Monday of hanging out and a baseball game! I grew up as a baseball fan, both playing and following MLB (although not really in the last few years, I totally admit that), and Scott and Megan are big fans of baseball, even to the point where they have some of the old seats from Yankee Stadium in their house. So when they said they wanted to visit us we knew a game was on the to-do list. It worked out that the Mariners were playing the Minnesota Twins that night, where Megan grew up, so after a late lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant we headed to the field. We all rocked our Mariners gear and they ended up winning 2-0 that night, topping off the evening perfectly.

I love my Mariners cap! Brett got this for me for this last Christmas. I wear it all the time, even in Utah.

It was fun to share this experience with family, and even more fun to remember the last time we were in the stadium almost 3 years ago on our honeymoon. When a specific location is so associated with happy memories, I am always amazed at how quickly those memories and those same feelings of joy come back.

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