Thursday, July 10, 2014

Seattle Adventures: Kerry Park and Queen Anne

A few weeks ago our friends Brad and Stephanie came to spend a couple days with us and other than eating some fantastic food we also did some touring of the general area. After dinner we drove as fast as we could to Kerry Park, located in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. We had heard that it gave an amazing view of the city and figured that the sunset would be a perfect time to find out. (As a disclaimer, the pictures that are grainy come from our inexpensive camera, the high quality ones were taken by Brad with their nice camera, and the houses were looked up on a google image search later. )

First of all, the homes in this neighborhood are just phenomenal. Most of it has been protected as a historical district so this neighborhood is super classy and just minutes from downtown, which is kinda not classy most of the time. Kerry Park is really just one side of the street, so we almost missed it looking at these amazing homes. But maybe there was some foreshadowing of someday making it here, I mean there was a Lee Street, it's destiny.

After we hit the brakes and snagged a quick parking spot we were not disappointed by the view. And our timing was perfect to see some of the sunset and then watch all the lights turn on as it got darker, and  windier, if that is even possible.

I was so happy for the chance to spend time with these guys before they left for North Carolina. Stephanie has been such a great friend and I am sad to not see her so regularly, maybe even not for a couple years. Lucky for me, Brad and Brett grew up near each other and maybe we will be in the same area at Christmas some year while we save up enough to eventually get the tour of their city.

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