Tuesday, July 8, 2014

On Being Forced to Buy a Car

So this one time we had a car. A 2003 Oldsmobile Alero that we loved, known to us as The Silver Surfer. It was the car we had when we got married and we loved it. Most importantly, it was reliable. We had our moment when we had to repair it, but now that those repairs were done we had no reason to think that it wouldn't last forever. Until a couple weeks ago.

This is our beautiful Silver Surfer today.

First off, Brett is fine. He was coming home from work one day, stopped and waiting to turn left when a man driving a Ford Escape came crashing into the back of him. It totaled both cars. The other driver said he had just finished paying off the car, but maybe that is what happens when you are speeding and texting. Weird.

So then the hunt began. I am sure looking for a car is fun when you have a larger budget and you are looking for fun, or an additional car. But since we were looking to replace our only car, we had some anxiety trying to make sure we could get something quick enough that would also be worth purchasing. The other driver's insurance included a rental car for a couple weeks, but driving that stressed me out. Something about it being the nicest car I will ever drive and having it not be mine made me freak out a little each time.

Anyway, after looking for cars for what seems like an eternity we spent a couple days driving around trying to test drive them. We went to Brett's home town for the Fourth and his dad was awesome enough to drive around and spend time helping us look at them all. Not to mention all the phone calls for the week leading up to it. If he didn't love us he probably would have been really sick of us by now.

At the end of a really disappointing day were cars kept getting sold out from under us, Brett's mom and brother saw a car for sale on the side of the road. It was a 2001 Honda Civic that was in pristine condition, and therefore our of our price range. To try and help, Brett's mom called the number to find out some more details and found out that the man selling it was really nice, a softy trying to help out his daughter who used to drive the car. After she talked to him she called us to tell us about the car and that she thinks he would be willing to go lower for the right person.

Well God answers prayers and we were able to get the car for a price we could afford. We called him and went to go look at it. Turns out that his daughter went to the same high school as Brett, graduating in the year between him and his younger brother. After spending some time looking at the car and getting to know each other he asked us our budget and told us that he would rather sell to someone who he knew and thought needed the car than some random Craigslist person. He knocked it down for us and we were able to get a car that we could afford, and that will last us for hopefully the next few years. When we went to sign the papers later he told us that as soon as we left someone came by offering him full price, but that "it just felt right" to work with us.

So we are the proud owners of a new (to us) car! We love the way it drives (even more so than our fancy rental car) and love that it is a car that can last us for the next several years.

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