Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Listed Tuesdays: Ten Irrational Best Friends, Fiction Edition

A little bit ago I posted about how Brett and I had a legitimate conversation about the celebrities we would be best friends with. As the conversation developed we started moving into fictional characters and realized we needed to make two different lists. So here it is, the fictional people we would love to be friends with.

Jack Ryan-all of them, Baldwin, Ford, Aflec, and Pine. Remember, we are talking about the characters here

Jack Donaghy-the writing for this guy is just amazing, he is extreme in every possible way and it makes a hilarious combination.

Tony Stark-I will admit, we kind of have a soft spot for the lovable jerks, and what better example of that than Tony Stark, although we acknowledge that it may have something to do with the fact that RDJ is also on the first list.

Ron Swanson-see the pyramid of greatness

Alfred from Batman-who couldn't love this guy, he tells it how it is and is able to love Bruce so deeply, I totally cried for Alfred during The Dark Knight Rises.

Bones a.k.a. Dr. McCoy-again, hilarious and yet also able to tell it how it is.

Danny Ocean-I mean the guy is the definition of suave. Ocean's Eleven is always my go-to movie if I am home sick or something.

Tracy Jordan-our favorite part of his character is that it sounds like he is speaking gibberish, and then he busts out something really smart or really wise without meaning to.

Gina from Brooklyn Nine Nine-again with the lovable jerk, but her lines in the show are key

Jerry Seinfeld-we debated about which list Jerry should be on and decided for this one due to the fact that we love the show. We just love how he says all the things that everyone else is too afraid to say.

So there it is, our list of fictional characters that we love. As far as I am concerned, I could probably write another post just about the characters in literature.

Listed Tuesday
What fictional characters would you love to be friends with?

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  1. I absolutely love this idea--there are so many fictional characters (especially from movies) that I know I would be great friends with! Especially Tony Stark and Alfred. PS: Mind if I borrow this post idea (with credit of course)?


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