Monday, July 7, 2014

Halfway There and Living on a Prayer

I can't believe that it is the beginning of July already. That means that our summer break is halfway over. We are now getting closer to the end of our Seattle adventure than the beginning. Looking at how fast the time is going can be overwhelming but its nice to look back at all the amazing experiences we have had so far.

  • We partied it up Lee style at the family reunion where I got serious road rash from trying indoor surfing.
  • We made it to Seattle for our chance to go out and do our own thing and find out what it is like to live in a city and away from Utah.
  • We drove to my hometown for a surprise Mother's Day visit to my mom and to watch my sister's soccer tournament.
  • We made sure to list out our 2014 Summer Movies, even though we probably are not going to get to all of them.
  • We calmed some anxiousness with an evening date night to the Seattle Temple.
  • Memorial Day weekend we got a visit from Brett's parents and a trip to the downtown waterfront.
  • We spent a couple weekends checking out the parks in the area, making sure that we found places we could run along the way at St. Edwards State Park, Green Lake, and Carkeek Park.
  • We continued our love of food ad friends in downtown diner spots.

With all those amazing things, it is exciting to look at July and realize that we have even more fun coming. This summer is working out to be exactly what we need and what we had hoped!

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