Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting Crafty: DIY Pencil Case

For a while now I have been one of those people who is constantly needing to change between a purse and a backpack. Most of the time it is because I am in school, but I still use my backpack most days this summer since I take the bus to work. By the time I have a book, a lunch, an emergency cardigan in case the weather changes (which this week hasn't happened and it has stayed crazy hot) and all the other little things a girl needs a backpack is just easier. However, when I just go to the store, church, or out with Brett I just want my purse, but hate having to change things over. So I needed to make my life easier by getting some sort of pouch or something. And then I realized that I had an entire day free and craft store a block away, so I made one!
picture and directions found here
I found this beauty on Pinterest and decided that it looked super easy and inexpensive. So that is what I did.

I went to the half off scraps section and found this cute fabric and went to work. I took a long time working on it, because again I had the whole day, and quilted in the pattern of the fabric. I really enjoyed spending the time to match the pattern so that now I have something I like. I am a little OCD about things matching, so if I would have just done straight lines over the paisley pattern, I would have regretted it and never used it.

So go make one! It was super easy and is the perfect size to transfer between two bags. And I was so happy to see the easy idea of using felt to add some bulk rather than trying to use a thick (and often more expensive) piece of fabric. Now that I have done it once, this we be my go to pattern for pouches, just adapted for whatever I need.

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