Monday, July 21, 2014

Carkeek Park, Again

One the way to the Mariners game with a few of my in-laws we stopped to show them one of our favorite places, Carkeek Park! We have been there a few times, including this time, and when Megan asked to see "our Seattle" we thought of this place right away. We took a little more time, skipping rocks and looking around, and it was so fun to feel the peaceful wind on our faces before heading into a crowded baseball stadium.

I just loved watching 3 of the 4 Lee boys trying to skip rocks into the ocean. It was a little windy so it made it more difficult. Naturally, a contest began and they figured out to skip them along the beach, rather than away from it.

I on the other hand, was pretty proud of myself for spotting these two shells. This is a pretty popular and small beach so I love that I was able to find two different ones that were not broken.

The ocean is wonderful. I have always like living in areas that have rivers and lakes, but being so close to the ocean is a different experience. On the cooler days when we drive down, the people are gone and we can just sit on a piece of driftwood, letting our minds wander to the rhythmic sound of the waves breaking. It is sure going to be difficult to leave all this water when we go back to Utah to finish our last year of school. 

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