Friday, June 6, 2014

Seattle Adventures: Carkeek Park

Last weekend we found ourselves with a Saturday with absolutely nothing going on. This does not happen to us very often. When we are in school we spend all day on Saturday working on projects and homework so now that we have actual weekends we don't really know what to do to fill the time. If we stay home Saturday, by the time Sunday evening rolls around we we feel like our brains have gone to mush.

This time we decided to go to Carkeek Park on the Puget Sound. This park is pretty close to our house and you don't have to pay for parking (yay!) so we have gone there a couple times for a spur of the moment look at the ocean. We put a little more thought into it and decided to do lunch and check out the other half of the forest trails we ran out of time for the first time. So we packed up some sandwiches (using delicious homemade pita bread), chips, water, a frisbee, and our baseball gloves and went to the park!

It was so much fun. After eating and tossing a ball around for quite a while we tried the frisbee. It was terrible! I got it as a cheap prize (one of three in a dollar store pack) at an event one time and it is one of those that is just a ring. Well ya. We could not get it to fly flat to save our lives. I think its just too light. I don't know. There is a part of me that wants to buy a couple frisbees and find a frisbee golf course or something. I am trying to come up with more ideas to get us out of the house on Saturdays without spending a ton of money.

After giving up on the frisbee we headed off for the short hike/walk. We went up a hill towards some lookout points, but the trees had grown so much that you could hardly find the water against the sky. The trees however are beautiful. They are so tall and green and there are so many different varieties. At some points I get a little nerdy and tell Brett we are in Jurassic Park with all the different ferns and things.

So there it is, our wonderful day at the park. The weather was perfect, the company as well (obviously), and we will probably do it again sometime soon!


  1. Oh wow, those photos are beautiful. We love to go hiking. We live down in the south. Our trees don't get as big and over grown. Hope you find some cheap things to do on the weekend! :-)

  2. How beautiful! I definitely see some Jurrasic Park similarities! :)


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