Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Seattle Adventures: Bastyr University

There are so many beautiful places nearby that we have realized we can't spend a day dedicated to each one, especially now that I will be working Saturday each week. So a couple weeks ago we found ourselves with a free afternoon and hit up two things. First we say Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. It was awesome. I don't know if I have ever loved Tom Cruise in a movie so much. And both Brett and I love Emily Blunt. Love her. The thing is that here in the wonderful land of Seattle it costs a million dollars to go to a movie. Okay maybe not a million, but we were used to $5 Tuesday's and now going to our early matinee was twice as much. So when we got out of the movie at 6:00 pm (seriously what 20-somethings go to a movie that early?) we decided to take a little drive into Kenmore, the city Brett works for.


Earlier in the week Brett when to a dinner/meeting hosted at Bastyr University, a natural health university near St. Edwards State Park. For the next couple days he kept talking about how beautiful it was, and he was right. It was the weekend so many of the places we wanted to see were closed, but we were creepers through the window. And I got these pictures from a Google search to compensate (although I wouldn't have felt comfortable taking pictures in a church anyway unless I was specifically photographing an event, which we all know will never happen).


How beautiful is this chapel? Apparently the acoustics here are phenomenal and lots of things are recorded here, from choirs, to popular artists, to orchestras and movie soundtracks. Just within the last couple of months one of the choirs from BYU was even there.

And next to this amazing forest and lake? Just beautiful. And check out how far out into the water this dock goes? It felt like it was never ending!

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