Monday, June 2, 2014

May Goal Recap

This last month has been amazing for me and my goals. With moving and getting to start a new routine in this new place it has given me the chance to recommit myself to some of these goals and make them a priority moving forward. With no further ado, a recap of how my goals have gone the last month.


  • Our lifestyle with such an emphasis on health has helped us so much. We never ended up sick from all the moving and traveling we did for a solid 2 weeks at the end of April. Our diets have been super clean and we are running even more than normal. Unless we are really short on time we usually go for three miles now. From all the research and people I have talked to I have heard that 3 miles is kind of the threshold where doors open up. To work towards that half marathon we are going to start adding on the mileage this week and catch up on some lost time.
  • I finished the #1800minute challenge with Erin at Living in Yellow and so many others. 1800 minutes of exercise in April and May. Now we are doing 1000in30, the perfect increase for what Brett and I are already planning.
  • I also had a new cholesterol check and things are getting better. In January my levels were at 247 and now five months later they are down to 212. Still higher than ideal, but at least they are moving in the right direction. In a weird way this has also helped to prove to myself that it wasn't totally my fault the numbers were so high. I have done everything the doctor has recommended and it is still a struggle. Genetics are real people. 


  • Keeping a journal is still going well. I love the feelings of calm and contentment that come whenever I take the time to record my life, the good, the bad, and the ways that I am growing. Each time I finish with a better outlook on life, a desire to become better, and a heart full of gratitude. 
  • My personal study has also been going well. I have been taking lots of notes and making lots of connections. One day I was talking to Brett and saying how much I wished I could just have a huge database of it all, linking talks, topics, scriptures, and so much else. He then reminded me about the Study Notebook feature of and blew my mind. I never realized how comprehensive that account can be and how much good it can do in your spiritual study. I watched some of these videos when I started to make sure I was taking advantage of all the features when I started. I am so excited to keep building this up and learning so much more with everything I study. 


  • Well, we are in a new place. There are not many people our age and we are living in a place that is right on the border of where some neighborhoods start to get a little sketchy. So we have spent most of our time together. Let me clarify. All of our time has been together and it has been great. I am loving this time to build up our live and our relationship, making this summer into whatever we wanted. 
  • We have gotten to spend some more time with family though which has been great. We visited my family over Mother's Day weekend, then Brett's family came here for Memorial Day. We decided that we live the perfect distance away. Close enough to visit for a long weekend, but far enough away that there is no pressure. 


  • Still tracking those finances. We did the final tally for May yesterday and are so proud of how cheap we were with our move. Most of that comes from all the help that we had in getting here, but we are so glad to see that it actually worked. 
  • I also have finally started working full time. There were a couple weeks where jobs were not quite being what they were portrayed as, things like my start date being only the training day, but not actually starting for a few more weeks. Or being hired as full time, but having to reach full time in increments. Just stuff like that. Well now it has finally worked out and I get to start helping bring in some money. More details to come on that later.


  • Totally rocking the summer reading. So far I have read The Hobbit and am in the thick of The Count of Monte Cristo. Monte Cristo is quite the book, so it might take me a little while.

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