Tuesday, June 17, 2014

10 Favorite Places

One-Round Lake, Idaho

I have been here many times. As part of girls camp, a family afternoon hike, hanging with friends, and with Brett just a few days after we were engaged. It is a small little lake with a dock and trails looping all around it. Its just one of those places I remember from near home where you could peacefully be outside without the commitment of an entire day or weekend.

Two-Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Beautiful waterfall. Honestly, it is one of my favorites because it is one of Brett's favorites. When he took me to his hometown near Portland for the first time in 2011, Multnomah Falls was the first place we went besides his parents house. I mean, look how pretty that waterfall is?

Three-Next to a campfire, Anywhere

Some of my best memories have been from a camp fire. So many places over Idaho, Utah, and Montana have seen a campfire from me and I love that. I am the person that loves the smell of smoke, and has to pretty much fall asleep in my chair before I finally admit that its late enough to go to sleep. Sitting out with friends and family under the stars helps to lose track of time and just focus on what you are doing.

Four-Payson Lakes/Payson Canyon, Utah

I have camped, picnicked, played games and driven through here several times. This beautiful canyon houses waterfalls, lakes, trees, and other options for outdoor recreation. It also happens to be where Brett and I took our engagement pictures.

Five-Lake Como, Montana


When I was younger my extended family did a weekend in a cabin on this lake. To be totally honest, I don't remember too much from that weekend other than it was fun and I was a kid. One of the things that I can't shake out of my memory was the beauty of the lake against those mountains. Since that weekend, this is what a high mountain lake should always look like in my mind.

Six-A Bookstore or Library

Books make me happy. I like the way that they smell. I like all the information between the pages. I like seeing old ones that have been loved. I also like seeing the new ones open to possibilities. Most of the time I have to hurry in and out, or I wind up spending excessive amounts of time inside. Oh and the journal sections! I get lost looking at the different journals.

Seven-Chimney Rock/Priest Lake, Idaho

An old picture from high school: left to right: Toby (the dog), Dad, Cole, Sierra, Brook, Mom and Hailey, and me!

Again, this is out in the mountains near where I grew up. So many options of things to do. You can stay out on the huge lake, make your way up to the calmer small lake, stay in the tree-filled valleys, or make you way to the top of some of the most beautiful mountains.

Eight-A Small Restaurant

They are so great! Often the have the best food, the nicest employees, and you aren't just eating out, but having an experience! We like using Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, as well as local directories to help us find a place like this in every city that we visit. It may not happen each time, but it will happen as often as possible.

Nine-Zion National Park, Utah

This was a new outdoor experience for me. I was used to mountains with moisture, often still with snow patches and greenery being everywhere except the highest peaks. But this place is just as beautiful. This canyon wall is impressive and the number of hikes means you can spend a couple days doing nothing but hiking. We did about half of the total trail mileage, and all we did was hike for a day and a half. Seriously, from sun-up to sun-down.

Ten-Seattle, Washington

one of my favorite pictures of my wonderful husband
We came here on our honeymoon. We came here just to visit. And now we live here for the summer. This is the perfect place for me to experiment with living in a city. Sometimes the traffic still freaks me out, but the ability to drive for only a few minutes and hit a patch of woods, or a patch of water, or to jump on the freeway and be out within an hour help to ease the transition. This has been a place I have always wanted to visit long term and I can't wait to keep getting to know this part of the country.

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