Thursday, May 1, 2014

We Made It!

So here we are. Sunny Seattle. I know, weird right? It has been so warm and sunny here and I am loving it! Hopefully this amazing weather stays through the weekend so we can do a little exploring.

Our first dinner here perfectly describes our need for some relaxation. After such a long week of moving, family, and travel, we just really needed a few minutes to sit down and unwind. With such a long to-do list, it was hard for me to sit still unless I was doing something, so while we ate our waffles we watched an episode of The Office. Nothing like their shenanigans to relieve some tension.

Now to just figure out how we want to settle into this new apartment. Decisions, decision. Where are we going to put stuff now that there is no coat closet? But we have a small washer/dryer unit, so good trade right? I guess I get to spend the next couple days playing tetris to try and figure it all out.

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  1. I loved that you watched The Office. Easiest way to feel at home. :)


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