Monday, May 5, 2014

The First Seattle Adventure

Honestly, we are still a little tired from the move so our adventure was a little chill. We also needed to be close to home so we could make it home to the watch the last half of the Blazer playoff game (which they won by the way, buzzer beater thank you very much!). 

So anyway, I did some searching a found a park near our place that had trails, forest, and some shoreline on the Puget Sound. We went for a little jog before taking the time to sit on some driftwood and take in the view. It was beautiful and the weather was great, well great as far as Seattle coastline goes!

We are excited to continue exploring where we are. We also have almost no idea where to start so any suggestions would be great! Lets see where this next week takes us, shall we?

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  1. I live right outside of Seattle. If you need any idea, let me know!


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