Friday, April 4, 2014

Mourning Becomes Electra and an Invitation

Mourning Becomes Electra-Eugene O'Neill

I loved reading this! This trilogy of plays by O'Neill mirrors the Greek trilogy Oresteia, set now in post Civil War time rather than the end of the Trojan War. The play follows a bitter wife, a returning war hero husband, a 'captive' daughter and the lengths at which all go in order to achieve justice, or rather what they think they deserve. I will admit that if you haven't read the Greek original that the story put forth by O'Neill simply seems like a soap opera, but having read the original for a class this semester (I'm in a Greek and Roman Mythology class, how cool is that!) I loved to see all the allusions to the first and see how O'Neill adapted the plays for a more modern audience. The plays were really easy to read, I did so in only one day compared to the several that it took me to struggle through the Oresteia, and I highly recommend reading them.

An Invitation

This weekend is the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, of which I am proud to be a part of. Every six months, members of the church gather with family and friends to be taught by today's prophets and apostles. These people will give wonderful talks about the core values of what we believe, how to become a better person, and how much each of us are loved as a child of God. These talks are open for the public through many different outlets. You can watch on TV, on internet streaming, listen to the radio, or follow snippets on social media. In whatever way you want, if you have any questions about our faith, our people, or even if you are struggling with a testimony, you can participate. That is my invitation. Come, learn for yourself.

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