Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Goal Recap

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  • Exercising is going great! I have seen a huge increase in my ability, endurance, in the way I look, and in the way I feel. 12 weeks in I am finally to the point where I don't need a motivation to go workout or go for a run, the motivation is the action itself.
  • Now that it has been a few months, my weight has stabilized a little from the crazy fluctuations that happened in January and February. I have never been one to weigh myself very often, (I don't think it is healthy to get caught up on a number than can fluctuate throughout the week, or even the day) but from following general patterns and weighing in at the end of every month it looks like I have lost somewhere between 7-14 pounds. Not that loosing weight was my goal, it was getting healthy, but its nice to be able to see such a tangible result when I can't just check my cholesterol all the time. 
  • My healthier diet is going well too. I am thinking that I will do a post dedicated to how it has gone for these three months, so I won't put too many detail here. I just am happy, and that is good enough for now.
  • Reading scriptures and journal writing is going great. I love the release that comes from writing my personal thoughts out in paper and the feelings that come along. It helps remind me that I am loved, that I am blessed, that I have a wonderful life with a man I love, and that whatever difficult thing I may be going through now I can get through based on all the written evidence of survival in the past.
  • Now that it is April, we have General Conference this weekend. This is a time that I look forward to every April and October as a time to spend a weekend at home with my family and closest friends as we are spiritual fed by the inspired leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I encourage all, both LDS and those who are not but want to know what we believe, to follow along for the amazing weekend. 
  • I have some ideas for this blogging thing. If I can find the time to write them, I have enough ideas to get me through this entire month! We will see how that goes. 
  • I am trying not to be nervous about moving to somewhere I don't know a soul other than Brett. I am so glad that we will both be working and then get to spend time with each other, because I don't even know how to meet people if they don't go to school with you. Heck, I may just want to spend all my free time with just the two of us anyway!
  • Going as well as could be expected with our upcoming move. We were able to find someone to buy our contract, we think we have found somewhere to live, and we can afford all the deposits, fees, and first months rent, which was our biggest goal for these first months of the year. 
  • School is going well. I am in the middle of working on a few different projects, so that is a little time consuming, but I love what I study so I am willing to do it. In fact, I am working on finalizing a paper that only needs to be 10 pages, but I enjoy my topic so much that I have done so much reading and research that I don't know how I will get it into only 10 pages. 
  • That being the case, I am going to count all the extra research I did as my reading for enjoyment for the month of March. Honestly I read way too much, but it was by choice. Don't believe me, here is the proof. The first picture is one stack that I read, and the second is only HALF of another. I definitely read too much for 10 pages. 

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