Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April Fools!

picture via; graphic by me!
This is the day that I don't like to answer calls from my family, and yet I do because I am always afraid that something bad is happening. I am sometimes too trusting of the people I think should never lie to me, so I always get tricked by something fairly reasonable, and yet still not ever going to happen.

Of course there is the usual, "we are going to Disneyland!" trick, but the most realistic one had to do with a pick-up truck. It was my freshman year here at BYU and my dad called. He said he had been shopping for a new pick-up and that he found a Ford F-150 that was 30 minutes from where I live. He said he had a friend go look at it already, but figured I could pick it up for him. At the time I didn't have a car and my mom was going to need to come get me to take me home for the summer, and the thought was that I could get the truck, drive it for the last couple weeks of school, and then drive myself home. It was the perfect plan! And then at the end of the phone call my dad just said "Happy April Fools" and that is when I knew I was had.

So today, be careful who you listen to!

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