Monday, April 14, 2014

Dry Canyon Hike

With the amazing weather that we have had lately Brett and I just needed to get outside for the weekend. After looking at all the stuff we had to do we realized that if we planned our time wisely we would have time to go for a short hike on Friday evening. Luckily we live so close to the mountains so there are lots of nearby trails.

This time we drove about 20 minutes to get to the trail head of Dry Canyon. It was so much fun. We had to walk a little fast sometimes since we went after work and were loosing daylight, but the trail loop only took an hour so it worked out well.

The trail head already starts part of the way up, but since these mountains are so big, the hike is uphill fast and downhill fast. 

This was the start looking up the canyon. I just loved the fact that the mountains are big enough that we were warm in our shorts and short-sleeved shirts, and yet all the tops of the mountains still have snow. I liked the cliffs on the sides of canyon and kept thinking of all my friend that rock climb who would have loved to be there. This picture also shows just how fast we were loosing daylight. 

The view from the top of the loop looking back towards Provo. At first I couldn't believe how much elevation we had gained, then I realized how sweaty and out of breath I was! It was amazing to be able to see the entire Utah Valley, and unlike hiking Y-Mountain with all the other students, we had this view all to ourselves. 

And did I mention how beautiful the sunset was? It was probably my favorite part. By the time we had worked our way down to the car again the entire sky was pink. 

Here's to the start of warm weather and the first of many summer hikes to come for us this year. 

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