Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Wise Words of My Husband

I found this sentence written on the inside cover of one of my husband's old notebooks when looking for scratch paper.

Since I found this I have been amazed at Brett's wisdom to want to remember this everyday when he used his notebook. I am sure we have all heard to the idea that we should treat everyone like they are going through a secret trial. While I agree with this, I think that we need to start with just simply being nice to everyone we meet. From a more cynical perspective, if I tell myself to treat everyone the same way, I will still want to treat the people I love well, not badly, so by default I have to choose to be nice to the people I may struggle to like.

By having a neutral foundation to build on we are able to build deeper relationships and eventually learn of those secret trials that every one of us has. Then we are able to be an influence for good.

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