Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Doing Homework Looks Like

Normally my Thursday's are crazy, but last week I had a 3 hour class canceled, leaving me with 4 straight hours open. I took the opportunity to get crap done! Sometimes you just get in the mood where you need to go into power mode and this was one of those times. I took the biggest backpack I have ever seen, picked a spot in the library, set up camp, and demolished my to do list.

I do have some pretty specific needs when I have a major homework session like this. I have to be by myself, have everything within reach, and never leave. This is why I love the lower levels of the BYU library. Around most of the walls are little individual boxes of solitude and I thrive there.

Some people do a "get to know me" post by using their purse, but mine is going to be my backpack since that is really what I always have with me.

First off, did I not tell you that they are the perfect sized individual cubical? Seriously. A shelf up top for the space that you need and everything is within reach! Yay! Now the organization begins. 

The laptop is a necessity, obviously. So much of my homework is online it is ridiculous. To the right of that is my red personal catch-all notebook. I have notes from starting work at the library, different scribbles of when classes are available to register for, random notes from books I read in my free time, all that jazz. I don't always have it with me, but I love its convenient size and the fact that the cover is hard so it doesn't get smashed. 

Top Shelf: Notebook for a class that doesn't have a textbook (the one that sends me around to volunteer in different schools). Folder for the other education class that doesn't have a textbook. Honestly, the folder is more of a catch-all for other classes too.

Back Edge (L to R): The books for each class I need to work on that day, stacked by class. I wish this was all the books I had but this doesn't show an entire class that has 4 more. Then lunch of course! Water, carrots, applesauce, and a crunchy peanut butter sandwich (crunchy is the best!). By this point, I was already too impatient to wait for lunch and ate my banana and reduced fat wheat thins already. Don't judge. 

Lastly, the control of my life. My planner and colored pens are so vital to my organization. Every once in a while someone will tell me that its old fashioned to use a planner and that it would be easier to use something electronic, but I like getting to write out my lists and cross things off when I am done. 

The pens all mean a different thing too. Black=everyday things, regular assignments, etc. Pink=major deadlines. Green=planning ahead to major assignments. Blue=personal life. I like this system but it took me a while to get it figured out. I tried doing each class a different color, but found that what I really wanted to stand out was all my major deadlines, not just separate subjects. 

The iPod and the Burt's Bees are a no brainer for a college student. This time of year in Utah is so dry that I feel like I am constantly using fighting dry lips.

So there it is. All my necessities for a major homework session. I do this each and every time I can. If I only have an hour or less the story is a little different. Then I will just sit in an armchair and take out one thing at a time. Its all or nothing I guess.

What requirements do you have for yourself when you need to get things done? Do you like to be alone, or in a busy place?

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