Thursday, February 27, 2014

Teaching for the First Time

I just finished another of my education classes and I loved it! This time we got to actually go into classrooms to work with current teachers and students. Some of the teachers I worked with just had me observe, others had me teach. The experiences where I got to teach were definitely the most helpful. It was so refreshing to realize that I could be successful getting up in front of a class. 

The class has the thought that "find out now if you hate being a teacher, or want to change your focus" so they have us go to elementary, middle, and high school. Elementary school was fun, I got to help in a kindergarten class, and as much as I admire and respect those teachers, the experience reconfirmed that I couldn't do that every day. 

The middle school and high school kids I loved, which is good since my major was already secondary education. They had their differences, but I would be happy to teach in either setting. The best way that I can think of to describe my different experiences was that in middle school, students can be excited to learn things for the first time, while in high school the students start to make connections that influence the way they view the world. Seeing either of these things happen while I teach will be fulfilling. 

One lesson I team-taught with another girl in my class had to do with political parities, why we need them, what they do, and how they differ. They were eighth graders, so it wasn't too detailed. We just talked about how different people have different goals, and that you usually spend money on what your goals are. We then gave them this worksheet to do, where they could work individually or with their neighbor. It was funny to see the kids who actually tried, and the ones that took us for our word when we told them to "make up" their own political party. 

How do you see the effect of what you do for a living?
What do you think is most important effect an educator can have?

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