Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Goal Recap-January

To try and make myself more accountable for everything I wanted to accomplish I decided to write about my goals at the end of each month. Last year I only did it at halfway and I noticed my desire for success increase before I posted. Hopefully this will continue as I make this happen. 
  • Physical:
    • Exercising has been awesome so far. Since I increased the intensity of each workout I am still doing 5 days a week, but it is wonderfully consistent. Success!
    • Eating well has also been a big success. The first week after finding out that I needed a change was pretty hard, but since we got it figured out what was on or off limits and got rid of the bad stuff it hasn't been too bad. 
  • Spiritual:
    • My daily reading is also fantastically more consistent, although still not yet perfect.
    • I have a new calling at church where I get to teach our Relief Society one Sunday a month out of this year's manual and I am really looking forward to my first lesson next week. 
  • Financial:
    • Going strong. January is always tight after Christmas and paying tuition, but we continue to sit down once a week to go over where we stand and set goals. This has really worked well for us.
  • Intellectual:
    • School is going great and I am loving the classes I am in. I have taken classes every available semester since September 2012 so burn out is inevitable but not here yet.
    • As for my "for fun" book of the month. I am going to go ahead and count Harry Potter for that!
And now on to February where I hope to be at least as successful!

How are you doing on your goals so far?

A picture from the photo booth at Matt and Hannah's wedding in December. I seriously love this picture. 

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