Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Halloween Night

We don't have too many traditions yet, but we have hit the point of the year when the few that we have begin to happen. First is that for Halloween we often wait until the literally the last day to carve pumpkins while we watch a silly Halloween movie. This year was no different. It only works because we never get trick-r-treaters due to living in a college town near a single's housing complex.

This years pumpkins, not too much of a success. We both tried to do the thing were you just take off layers, but not go all the way through, but got impatient and gave up. So my Jack-o-Lantern is supposed to have hair, and Brett's is just supposed to glow in general, but to his benefit, he had an unusually thick pumpkin.

What silly movie was this year? Oh Labyrinth where David Bowie gets to be the Goblin King. Classic 80's movie with Muppets as the special effects.

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