Friday, November 1, 2013

Couple Halloween Costume

This falls under the category of "I Spent Way Too Much Time On This" but I think it is worth it. For as long as I can remember I have been trying to get a friend to do a partner costume of Batman and Robin with me, because seriously, my name is Robyn and its perfect. Well that finally happened this year when Brett said we could go for it! So that is when he sewing began.

The shirt was definitely the hardest part. I have made lots of skirts with an elastic waistbands, but this was my first shirt, and it had legitimate sleeves. It actually turned out really well considering it was my first time and I sorta made up a pattern based off one of my t-shirts. The only thing I would changed is not be as cheap on the fabric, at least for the shirt. It was a little difficult to get on and off because I bought the inexpensive cotton that has no stretch to it. So next time, I will get fabric with some give.

The day after our Halloween party, Brook borrowed it to wear to her party, so I feel like since the costume got some good use, it was worth all the effort, right?

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