Monday, November 11, 2013

Satisfied with a Book-to-Movie Adaptation

We saw the Ender's Game movie. A few months ago I expressed some hesitation about this story becoming a movie, but I have no large complaints! Of course there are parts of the story that get left behind, but I honestly think they did about as good as they could in about 2 hours. I missed the character development, I missed how young Ender is really supposed to be at the beginning and how long he trains, and I missed how involved his brother and sister really are with the entire plot. These points that I miss so much were not necessary in the version of the story the movie told, and therefore I am not upset.

If anything, watching the movie just made me want to read the book again, but not in frustration, but rather in renewed excitement.

And of course I loved the date night!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sister Road Trip

Last weekend my sister and I decided to take a little road trip to Grandma's house. I don't know if it still counts as a road trip if Grandma's house is only 3 hours away and we were only gone for 30 hours total, but we are still going to call it one. Since we went ahead with the road trip label, we prepared.

Two of our younger cousins were baptized and confirmed members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and prompted local extended family to get together to show our love and support to these two beautiful girls. It was such an amazing day seeing everyone, but sadly I decided not to take any pictures once we actually got to Grandma's. Weird, I know. Let's just blame it on the fact that I was pretty sick so I just did a lot of sitting and chatting.

During the drive up we went through Brigham City, Utah, which has a new temple that my sister and I hadn't seen since it was completed, so we stopped for a few minutes to walk around the grounds. It is a beautifully tall and white building. I also loved its beautiful simplicity. My love of history also comes out when I go to places like temples. In these older Utah towns the temples are often built near something historical to The Church, so naturally I had to look across the street to the old Tabernacle building that I also love.

Right before we left to come back to Provo we stopped at the community cemetery to see our Grandpa's gravestone. When he passed away from pneumonia 3 years ago, I spent a lot of time with my family at the hospital and the following weekend, and it was good for me to take a second to remember and be grateful for him, and the rest of my family.

Overall, it was a wonderful little get-a-way with my sister and family. Having a cold doesn't ruin the ability to enjoy the change in routine that I was so grateful for.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Halloween Night

We don't have too many traditions yet, but we have hit the point of the year when the few that we have begin to happen. First is that for Halloween we often wait until the literally the last day to carve pumpkins while we watch a silly Halloween movie. This year was no different. It only works because we never get trick-r-treaters due to living in a college town near a single's housing complex.

This years pumpkins, not too much of a success. We both tried to do the thing were you just take off layers, but not go all the way through, but got impatient and gave up. So my Jack-o-Lantern is supposed to have hair, and Brett's is just supposed to glow in general, but to his benefit, he had an unusually thick pumpkin.

What silly movie was this year? Oh Labyrinth where David Bowie gets to be the Goblin King. Classic 80's movie with Muppets as the special effects.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Couple Halloween Costume

This falls under the category of "I Spent Way Too Much Time On This" but I think it is worth it. For as long as I can remember I have been trying to get a friend to do a partner costume of Batman and Robin with me, because seriously, my name is Robyn and its perfect. Well that finally happened this year when Brett said we could go for it! So that is when he sewing began.

The shirt was definitely the hardest part. I have made lots of skirts with an elastic waistbands, but this was my first shirt, and it had legitimate sleeves. It actually turned out really well considering it was my first time and I sorta made up a pattern based off one of my t-shirts. The only thing I would changed is not be as cheap on the fabric, at least for the shirt. It was a little difficult to get on and off because I bought the inexpensive cotton that has no stretch to it. So next time, I will get fabric with some give.

The day after our Halloween party, Brook borrowed it to wear to her party, so I feel like since the costume got some good use, it was worth all the effort, right?