Wednesday, October 2, 2013

100th Post!

I just was looking through all my drafts and scheduled posts and realized that I was coming up on 100 and though that it deserved its own post. Who cares that it took almost two years to get to 100 posts right? When I started this blog it was really only for two reasons, that my brand new sisters-in-law had them and I wanted to fit in, and that my mom back home in Idaho had one too and wanted to see what I was up to. I thought it would take me a decade to reach 100 posts, but now here I am.

Some of my favorite posts of the first 100 are below! Check them out if you feel like it :)

Some Sugary Goodness
Successful Sewing
When We Vacationed in Park City
Hiking and Camping with Friends
Midnight Movies
Why Parades aren't My Thing
One Year of Marriage
My Family Visited Utah
Christmas Family Pictures
Where We Eat in Portland
An Outdoor Country Concert
Why I Love What I Study
I Spent Too Much Time Making a Cake
Spending Time in Seattle
My Thoughts on Potential

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