Monday, September 23, 2013

Lee Family Pictures 2013

Its that time of year that people start to take family pictures for the year. This location was beautiful. Who would have thought that the Salem Pond would be so pretty! From this one grassy hill there were multiple directions and background you go be involved in, and yet it was so simple to just be in a city park. 

My favorite pictures of us are always the ones where we are really laughing. Even though my eyes and nose get all squint-y, I just love the happiness so evident in these candid pictures.

DeAnn with all the daughters.

All the adult children.

Dave with all the sons.

Probably the most adorable nieces and nephews ever! Maybe my opinion will change when I start to have nieces and nephews on my side. For now though, I am the only one of my siblings married, so for the next couple years I can spoil these adorable kids!

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