Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Update

Sorry for the silence. Trust me, I have been making a list as things happen of what to catch up on when the time comes, but sadly it hasn't yet. School has been clipping right along with no hesitation, while we have been working to get ready for all the events of this fall.

I have some book reviews, some recipes, and some pictures to share. And even better than that, some thoughts on our upcoming anniversary. (Two years! I can't even believe it!) If all goes well, I should have my new clothes I ordered online here in time to wear out to dinner when we celebrate!

So stay in tune and I promise not to forget you all! :)


  1. love that picture :)
    and the day it was taken :)
    and the girl in it :)

  2. I agree with Elisabeth, I think that photo says it all - that silence or not, you emit joy. I look forward to those book reviews. I'm always interested in what others are reading.


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