Friday, August 2, 2013

Love in the Air

The main event in our trip to Portland and Seattle was the wedding of one of our best friends to his beautiful fiancee. Tyler and Kourtney had been dating for a while and we were so happy to hear that they were getting married in the Portland Temple in July. After making the trip we were there for all parts of the ceremony, reception, and Brett was in all the pictures as a groomsman. It was such a wonderful day! As busy as weddings are, and as exhausted as we were from everything else we did that week, we were so happy for the lovely couple. 

It was amazing to be back at the Portland Temple again to see one of Brett's childhood friends tie the knot. Brett, Tyler, and Jesse all grew up together and I am the only wife that isn't local to the Portland area as well. Pretty coincidental that two of the three marriages were in Portland. It was so good of Tyler and Jesse to come to Spokane for ours.

More pictures of Tyler and Kourtney are bound to end up here, but for now, pictures are not available yet, so its just these smart phone pictures of us. Thanks to Michelle for letting me borrow this beautiful dress for the weekend!

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