Monday, August 12, 2013

Bringing it Back

Over the last week or so we have been having lots of throwback activities. It started when Brett was planning what to do for Tyler's Mormon version of a bachelor party. They settled on watching Heavyweights, a Disney movie about kids at fat camp. Since they didn't get to finish it that night, Brett and I obviously had to finish it ourselves.

Each time we watch Heavyweights, Brett and I always eat junk food. Last time was ice cream, this time fresh cookies. How could you not eat treats when the kids on screen are too?

Then we had to buy new laptops. Yes, that was laptops plural. I was able to get four years out of my laptop, but when the power plug on the side broke and it would cost $250-$300 to fix it, we decided it was time for a new one. Then Brett's laptop that is only a year and a half old also died out on us. After two brothers-in-law that are computer guys spending 2 months trying to fix it for us it eventually became time to buy two laptops. Now we have matching laptops (tentatively named Maverick and Goose).

Long story not very short, It means we had to transfer all our documents, pictures, and music to our new computers and reset our iPods. I took this opportunity to do a music purge and it had brought back so many old songs that I love. Combined with the fact that it is summer and I always go back to country music in the summer, I can not get enough of the music I remember from growing up.

Flash forward a couple days and we are watching Space Jam. You read that correctly. Space Jam. At this point we are getting a little out of control.

And finally we get to Netflix. I came home one day and Brett was super excited to tell me he had stumbled upon Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix. Naturally, we are now a few episodes into that as well. We alternate some Malcolm with Seinfeld. Once Seinfeld is finished off our next plan is to put Scrubs into the mix.

Something about not having cable but having Hulu and Netflix gets us stuck in old shows. We are more than okay with it though.

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  1. Hahaha just seeing that screenshot of Heavyweights brought back so many memories! :)


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