Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunshine on the Lake

Check out this view. This is just standing in the front yard of Brett's parent's house and looking down the street. Beautiful.

On Friday during our trip we had a few hours between the DMV and when Brett needed to leave for our friend's bachelor party. Naturally we took to the lake that is just a few minutes from the house. With the lake that close, it is possible to go for just an hour or so and not feel like you need to stay longer in order to make the trip worth it. 

Matt was such a champ holding the boat while we all just sat in it and didn't help at all. Funny to note here: none of us packed any swim suits. We were not expecting to have the time to go to the lake, but we still should probably have packed them just to be safe. Brett and Matt ended up wearing some of their dad's old trunks and I wore some exercise clothes. Whatever works, works right?

Check him out! He grew up going to the lake to ski and wake board a few times a week. I had someone try to teach me to wake board once, but it didn't work. This all being the case, I let him tear up the lake without worrying about teaching me. I would just take a dive every once in a while when they switched out skiers. 

It was a great little relaxing couple hours. From here on out I think we should just always bring our suits with us when we go visit in the summer.

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