Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Afternoon in Seattle

The first day of our trip, other than the day of driving, we went up to Seattle with Brett's parent's and younger brother. Seattle is pretty sentimental to me. I had wanted to go visit there for as long as I can remember and had the chance to go for the first time with Brett when we were married. Ever since then I have been in love with the city, along with Portland. Something about going somewhere for the first time with the person you love makes it special. When we went almost two years ago it was raining, and this time the sun was out so we enjoyed our time and walked around.

How cool would it be to live in one of these ocean-side apartments? I love the architecture of these larger cities. There is also a part of me that wants to live downtown in a city for a while. Eventually I want to end up in a suburb on the outskirts of a city, but to have some fun downtown would be a fun adventure. Something like these are the adventure of my dreams.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Brett. Were were just leaning over the pier and snapped this quickly. The pier next door had the Seattle Aquarium that I want to visit sometime. 

One of my favorite parts of places like this are the details. These pictures were taken on the move, and I don't even pretend to be a photographer, but the nautical details everywhere were just so appropriate. Another detail I love about the northwest is the fact that it is green everywhere. Even the freeways are green! That is something that you would never see in Utah.

Pike's Market was another stop on our day and it was just what I had expected. I had seen pictures before, but never been so I was surprised to see a farmer's market be somewhat indoors. 

The place where they throw the fish. Saw it happen once. I still can't believe that they throw fish around like that.

The different stands were so much fun to look at. My favorites were the flowers, produce, and pasta. I didn't get a good picture of the pasta stand, it was really crowded, but I don't think I have ever seen so many pasta options to buy in bulk. The produce stands were beautiful! I have never wanted to eat a salad so bad in my life. I could have picked up a tomato and taken a bite out of it like an apple. 

Back to my love of details, this view from the stairs of the market to the ocean was one of my favorites. While the stairway was long and steep, it was lined with trees and these interesting light fixtures. The light bulbs were held in the hand of statues mad to look like they are walking down the walls. Any other picture I took of one by itself just got a little disorienting. 

Overall a wonderful afternoon. I already can't wait to go back there again and we just got back! If all goes according to our limited planning ability, we may even end up living there in the next year or so for internships.

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