Monday, July 29, 2013

Best Bites in Seattle

As part of our recent trip to the Northwest we went out for a nice seafood dinner in Seattle with Brett's parent's and brother. I didn't grow up eating seafood because my mom is extremely allergic to shellfish. So bad in fact that sometimes she can't even go to a steakhouse that also serves shrimp. This makes me a little skittish around seafood. I have this irrational fear that I am not going to like it so I don't want to spend money (since seafood is often expensive) on something that I am not sure I will even like in the first place. This is the biggest reason why I haven't tried sushi either.

Anyway, one thing I know I like is salmon, so that is what I got and it was delicious. I devoured the entire thing, along with the steamed sugar snap peas and red potatoes. Others at the table got the Tuna burger or the trout and everyone was happy with their order. 

The location was amazing. Located right on the water you could look out the window and see boats lined up to the docks. The restaurant itself had a such a classy nautical feel to it. It wasn't over the top fancy, there were people in there with jeans and t-shirts, but the woodwork gave the look of a yacht. I would definitely go there for dinner again and maybe even be brave enough to order something different. 

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