Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tin McGraw at Usana

Back in March Brett and I spent some time in St. George with his sister Michelle and her family. One of the nights that we were hanging around the house I made the impromptu decision to go to this summer's Tim McGraw concert with Michelle. It was one of those deals where she mentioned that she wanted to go and didn't want to do it alone and I jumped in saying I'd go before even knowing how much it cost, or when it was. Luckily we got a screaming deal (mainly because we are fine with sitting on the grass hill).

It was a great night. The drive up and back took about 3 hours total and we were able to spend great time together just talking and laughing. Tim sang after Love & Theft and Brantly Gilbert. They were good, but their stages are just not as great. I took some pictures just to cover everything, but you can't even tell that there is anything going on.

Tim was amazing. Its hard not to wonder if it is going to be worth it to see someone live, and let me tell you, this was. His voice is so clear and unique. His performance was everything you would ever want from a concert. Even more impressive considering it was an outdoor concert.

On the way to the concert one of the many topics of conversation between Michelle and I was about boys in tanks and how we don't like them. So then when Tim's button up came off to reveal these arms we both turned to each other and made a tank exception. Understandable right?

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